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September 2018 Newsletter

Sitting in the shade arbor, listening to the brightly colored prayer flags flapping in the breeze. Looking around on the far side of the camp, I see elders talking with their families and children laughing near the camp kitchen. Close by a circle of young men, sit with their drumsticks around a larg...
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July 2018 Newsletter

Bulletproof Faith The condemned seek solace from their death row companion, a chaplain Father George Williams, the Catholic chaplain at San Quentin State Prison, wears a bulletproof vest as he celebrates mass for death row inmates. (Photo courtesy: San Quentin State Prison) By Rachel Fobar The Medil...
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June 2018 Newsletter

ACCSS Newsletter June 2018 As the newly elected President, it is my pleasure to share with you what the Association of California Chaplains in State Service is about and the importance of the association for all of us chaplains. Additionally, I would like to try and explain what we stand for, as ...
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May 2018 Newsletter

Original Newsletter can be downloaded here. My respected Chaplains and NASLs, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the wonderful weather. This time of the year is a very special time for me personally, along with all Muslims around the world. I would like take this opportunity to share a lit...
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April 2018 Newsletter

Original Newsletter can be downloaded here. Spiritual journeys can take many forms, some come through our various traditions, calendars, and others are of a more personal nature. Be it a lifecycle moment (birth, coming of age, wedding, death), a moment of personal growth/crisis, or just a change in...
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March 2018 Newsletter

Original Newsletter can be downloaded here. “Snow melting mountain. Snow melting mountain. Mountain rock, cliff point water zigzagging down the mountain." (Shoshone Springtime song.) It's [it means] something like the snow on the mountains melting on those rocks that slide, cliff-like down the mou...
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February 2018 Newsletter

Original Newsletter can be downloaded here. I wonder if I might be able to share with you something that’s been close to my heart over the last few months: Compassion Fatigue. Some of you might not be familiar with the term, but I’m certain you’re familiar with it either because you’ve exper...
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January 2018 Newsletter

Greetings fellow chaplains. My name is Steven Gomez and I am a State Chaplain at Patton State Hospital. This past week for me has been a week of “connecting,” of being present in the moment and to others. This is what we do as chaplains and what we hope to facilitate. This happened, first of ...
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ACCSS is excited to announce a new training conference for 2018! Have you signed up yet? Click here to head to our registration page!