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August 2020 Newsletter

Act Like A Chaplain- Many people imagine this command to be a gender specific command directed exclusively toward males. However, that would not at all be how the Corinthians would have understood what the Apostle was saying. The word he used was Christ Like. Apostle Paul the word is a figurative ex...
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July 2020 Newsletter

It seems to be a common headline that we will not, or in many cases should not, return to “normal” after Covid-19. The “should not”, of course, referring to positive changes or adaptations we were forced or encouraged to make, such as more interaction with and attention to family at home, to...
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June 2020 Newsletter

I'm sitting here watching the news of Black Lives Matter protests and “Take It Down” chants accompanying the removal of historical statues, and in this moment I am humbled by both the tremendous honor and the burden that each of us living in this time must bear. In 1493 the flag of the Spanish g...
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May 2020 Newsletter

My dear fellow chaplains, It is my fervent hope that you and your loved ones are, and remain, healthy and strong as we navigate the current storm. Wherever I am or who or what I am listening to, the one thing I keep hearing these days is, “things are/will be different”, or “this is the [&helli...
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January 2020 Newsletter

My dear brothers and sisters in state service, Shalom! Having recently completed the festival of Chanukah, I am reminded of a powerful lesson from the candles, given by my teacher and mentor, the Lubavitcher Rebbe: “It's luminous, it's warm, it's romantic; but most of all it's spiritual. A yellow ...
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December 2019 Newsletter

ACCSS Newsletter December 2019 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” For some. Dearest Brothers & Sisters in State Service We live in a day and age where we all need to hear the message of “glad tidings of comfort and joy”. If we’re willing to open our eyes to see the desperate ...
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