December 2019 Newsletter

ACCSS Newsletter
December 2019

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”
For some.

Dearest Brothers & Sisters in State Service
We live in a day and age where we all need to hear the message of “glad tidings of comfort and joy”. If we’re willing to open our eyes to see the desperate state of humanity around us, we might be surprised to see how many of those that we live and work with carry sadness or anxiety on their faces and the weight of the world on their backs. For too many, life today is a burden they struggle to endure and survive.

It appears that to a certain degree with all of the conveniences of life our society has lost track of the essential values of living and operating with LOVE. Famous songwriter Burt Bacharach, penned these lyrics “What the world needs now is love sweet love. It’s the only thing that’s there’s just too little of”. I feel like in that song and that question, there is a challenge issued to each of us. How do we generate more love, more compassion, more caring in the world?

But that’s where we come in. I’ve always believed in the basic idea that different faiths or walks of life inherently have the ability to come together in brotherly love. Call me a fool but it seems like today it might be more important than ever to find a way to be more uplifting with those we interact with and share those glad tidings with one another now and then.

As representatives of our individual faiths, we’ve studied and learned how to teach, encourage and even assist others in developing pathways to draw closer to their faith -which is great!! But I have to ask how we might be able to find ways to operate and deal with love with those around us? How are we growing in our ability to bring the message that God is Love in more
ways into our lives and with one another?

I’m reminded of a passage of scripture I Corinthians 13:13,
“And now abided faith, hope and love. These three, but the greatest of these is love”.

So as we walk our halls, yards, offices and even our own neighborhoods and communities; LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!
As we celebrate the holidays with those who share our faith and those that don’t, with our families, and cultures and communities, in all that you do remember the greatest gift we can give is LOVE.

You’ve probably figured out that I love holiday-inspired music of all kinds. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia of the holidays and it brings back lots of joyful memories for you and yours. What’s that? You want to know what my favorite holiday song is? Let It Snow by Boyz II Men.

Happy Holidays to each of you and yours!!
Dedric Burks
Protestant Chaplain
CalVet Home of West LA