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July 2020 Newsletter

It seems to be a common headline that we will not, or in many cases should not, return to “normal” after Covid-19. The “should not”, of course, referring to positive changes or adaptations we were forced or encouraged to make, such as more interaction with and attention to family at home, to...
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November 2019 Newsletter

We continue our journey through Fall towards winter, with the hour change, the colder weather and the more prevalent darkness. We see the reality of cyclical decay, darkness, and death, which will later give way to new birth. Of course, we know this change is coming and we prepare for it, even accep...
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December 2018 Newsletter

For the past four years my father has been suffering from, and declining from, Alzheimer’s disease. And for over a year now he has been at a care facility. I try and make it every week or so to see him and admittedly I often find myself doing it more for the sake of giving […]...
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January 2018 Newsletter

Greetings fellow chaplains. My name is Steven Gomez and I am a State Chaplain at Patton State Hospital. This past week for me has been a week of “connecting,” of being present in the moment and to others. This is what we do as chaplains and what we hope to facilitate. This happened, first of ...
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