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June 2020 Newsletter

I'm sitting here watching the news of Black Lives Matter protests and “Take It Down” chants accompanying the removal of historical statues, and in this moment I am humbled by both the tremendous honor and the burden that each of us living in this time must bear. In 1493 the flag of the Spanish g...
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September 2019 Newsletter

“How can I align my life with that spiritual intelligence that is written within my own DNA?” The Sun comes up, evening morning and we offer prayer and song to greet the new day. Everything comes alive and wakes up; water, plants, people, animals, birds, and the trees. And in turn, night follows...
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September 2018 Newsletter

Sitting in the shade arbor, listening to the brightly colored prayer flags flapping in the breeze. Looking around on the far side of the camp, I see elders talking with their families and children laughing near the camp kitchen. Close by a circle of young men, sit with their drumsticks around a larg...
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March 2018 Newsletter

Original Newsletter can be downloaded here. “Snow melting mountain. Snow melting mountain. Mountain rock, cliff point water zigzagging down the mountain." (Shoshone Springtime song.) It's [it means] something like the snow on the mountains melting on those rocks that slide, cliff-like down the mou...
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